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The iFT Platform gives you the tools and expertise to achieve absolute returns from today’s uncertain markets.

  • iFT Trading Platform

The iFT Platform is a cloud-based software system allowing for the execution of proprietary investment algorithms into a dedicated brokerage account. Licensed users may operate the Platform to run their own trading programs, or they may elect to utilize iFT’s Data Service which provides proprietary trade signals for long/short, intra-day equity positions directly into the user’s brokerage account.

  • iFT Data Service

The iFT Data Service is a turn-key trading algo and data feed that connects directly to the user’s brokerage account. Users can auto-execute our proprietary signals each trading day during normal U.S. market hours. User’s remain in complete control by never having their trading funds leave the custody of their brokerage account and can view the trade results and account performance on a daily basis.

  • Custom Data

Now you can securely utilize your own in-house algorithms and data for trading and investment thru the iFT Trading Platform. Connecting your live data and algorithmic program is easily accomplished through the iFT Client Portal. Simply upload your algorithm and connect your API data feed to be up and running on the iFT platform in no time.

Getting Started...

Get started with the iFT Platform by requesting our Platform Overview document and the Digital Platform and Data Service Agreement.

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