iFinancial Technologies, LLC.

Algorithmic Trading Platform & Solutions

iFT Trading Platform

Execute algorithmic investment programs directly into your brokerage account with our cloud-based digital trading platform.

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iFT Data Service

Utilize our Data Service and its proprietary trade signals and data for intra-day trading of equity securities.

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Custom Data

Utilize your own in-house algorithms and data for trading and investment thru the iFT Trading Platform.

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iFT Solutions

iFinancial Technologies is a trading service provider for entities and institutional investors who seek to run automated trading programs executed directly into their own brokerage account.

Through the iFT Platform, users can execute their own trading algorithms or the trades provide by the iFT Data Service. Platform usage is granted by annual license. The Data Service is billed on a by-weekly basis with all fees suspended until minimum performance thresholds are met each week.

Trade automation and execution doesn't get any easier than this!

  • Cloud-based

    Hosted cloud servers maintain our platform's uptime 24/7.

  • Hi-freq Servers

    High-performance servers providing lighting quick executions.

  • Virtual Machines

    Each client account is run from an independent VM.

  • Dedicated APIs

    That connect the iFT Platform to client’s brokerage account.

  • Encryption

    Data traffic from iFT and client accounts is encrypted end-to-end.

  • Smart Routing

    We utilize Smart Routing technology for order processing.

Our Services

Discover the many iFinTech Digital Platform Services and related solutions.

Execution Algo

Our proprietary algorithm for intra-day order executions of tradable securities.

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Cloud Platform

We maintain cloud servers that support our platform and related services.

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Query Algo

Our proprietary algorithm for securities selection used to identify qualified trades.

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Global Access

The iFinTech Platform can be accessed and utilized from around the globe.

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User Algos

Client provided algorithms that can be run on the iFinTech Platform.

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Custom Data

Clients can run their own private data feeds through the iFinTech platform.

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Let the iFinTech Platform go to work for you today.

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